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Hady Law Firm, Jordan is very much committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. Our management establish a sense of belonging for everyone in the firm. We are very much committed to workplace diversity and workplace equality. Every employee is supported, accepted, respected and feels safe at work.

Our hiring team focuses on a candidate's ability to perform a job, regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, gender, national origin, etc. We seriously believed in the motto of “different is better”. We have employees from diversified background, ethnicity and nationality which includes Jordan, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, India, Philippines, etc.

Diversity in our team helps us in Market Integration and reaching out to diverse customers. Our employees develop cross-cultural knowledge and competencies and display those skills both internally and when communicating with customers and partners. As our team speaks several languages, it helps us to understand the requirements of our clients and their need in more detailed manner.

Our team encourages Gender Equality, understands Ethnic and Cultural Differences, Accommodates different Beliefs, and believes in an open communication culture to help bridge the gap between generations.

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