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Supports and assists local and foreign companies

Hadylaw delivers legal counseling, supports and assists local and foreign companies in establishing and developing their businesses in the Jordan and international markets.

Hadylaw legal advice covers all aspects of business activities including:

  • Pragmatically selecting and creating the best appropriate & applicable legal company structure for entities.
  • Representing and safeguarding the interests of our client's companies in their relationships with their business partners.
  • Forecasting and defending income and WHT tax.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and dissolving or liquidation of companies.
  • Assists local and foreign companies launching their new business ventures in Jordan or abroad , whether it’s a purchase, joint venture or a merger , from conducting proper & comprehensive due diligence to concluding the final satisfactory agreement.


Protect your Business & Projects

Hadylaw is aware of the major risks and issues associated with any infrastructure project, Hadylaw works to minimize or eliminate the risks during the different stages of the infrastructure project, and supporting clients in the processes of planning, request for proposal, development, financing, management, operation and performance.

Hence, Hadylaw has a team of dedicated attorneys who are highly competent to provide full legal advice concerning insurance and reinsurance, from complex reinsurance coverage disputes to forming alternative risk transfer products. Our comprehensive knowledge of the industry and the major concerns of our clients allows us to give accurate and practical legal counsel.


Intellectual Property

Protect your trademarks and copyrights

The intellectual property attorneys at Hadylaw have successfully and efficiently litigated cases involving trademarks and copyrights. We routinely deal with issues of trademark counterfeiting, trademark infringement, unfair competition, patent infringement, and copyright infringement.

We also aid clients with trademark and copyright protection and registration matters, including representation in proceedings before the Jordan Patent and Trademark Office.

Hadylaw attorneys hold decades of combined experience in patent and trademark infringement and intellectual property litigation as well as antitrust matters.


Hadylaw boasts an experienced team of civil litigators with a long history of vigorous representation in complex matters before Jordan regulatory and appellate courts. Our lawyers have deep experience helping clients navigate through treacherous regulatory environments and complex legal issues, in and out of the courtroom, where responsiveness, efficiency and creative strategy are instrumental in achieving desired resolutions. This commitment to results has helped our litigation team earn distinctions among the Best Lawyers in Jordan.

We specialize in all fields of litigation such as , commercial, civil, criminal, family, inheritance, corporate, financial, construction, and administrative litigation. We represent local and international clients before the Jordan courts and provide litigation assessments and consultations concerning status of lawsuits already in progress.



Hadylaw advises leading local and international companies in tax related consulting services for all types of business transactions, providing sophisticated technical tax advice in commercial deals.

Representing clients in tax litigations, negotiating contractual terms relating to tax liabilities.


Arbitration is a complex and evolving field of law and the need for deeply knowledgeable legal counsel is paramount.

For Hadylaw, arbitration isnt the occasional instruction: it’s what we do best. Our deep and varied practice sets us apart and affords our clients invaluable insight into winning strategies and arguments. Our offices collective experience brings with it unrivalled knowledge of arbitrators, institutions, expert witnesses and opposing counsel, which can make the difference in the outcome of a dispute.

Employment & Pensions

Hadylaw has a wealth of legal experience on matters concerning employment and benefits.

Our firm has a track record in counseling foreign and local employees to receive fair and just treatment from their employers in terms of employment status, salary, allowances, pensions, immigration status, and other benefits as stated in their contract of employment. In the same way, Hadylaw provides legal advice to employers- whether government, agencies and businesses – from small, family-owned entities or some of Jordan’s largest employers – to comply with regards to provisions in the contract of employment, labor laws, immigration rules and regulations and all subjects concerning labor and employment.

Hadylaw provide legal services related to employment regulations and drafting policies & procedures, code of conduct, penalties and Corporate Governance. Review and advise on drafting the roles and regulation for entities and institutions including but limited to organizational structures , committee charters and safety roles and regulations.


In or outside Qater

Hadylaw is specialized in offering assistance in the field of construction, promotion of real property and business transactions concerning real estate in Jordan and the region.

The firm provides all-inclusive legal assistance to its clients in purchase, lease, sublease or sale of any kind of property in Jordan and outside.

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